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Printable Sparkler Holders

Printable Sparkler Holders

Add a festive touch to your Fourth of July party with these easy Printable Sparkler Holders. Such a cute way to share …

100+ Free Patriotic Crafts

Free Memorial Day Crafts

Enjoy a wide variety of free patriotic crafts: Free Patriotic Crafts Projects: General Patriotic Crafts Kids Patriotic Crafts Patriotic Crochet Patterns Patriotic …

Patriotic Fonts

Patriotic Fonts

Celebrate all the patriotic holidays with this fun collection of Americana fonts. All American Bodie MF Flag Star Spangled New Bunting Patriot …

Mini Patriotic Wreath Pin Tutorial

Mini Patriotic Wreath Pin

Wear the flag proudly on Memorial Day, Fourth of July and even, Flag Day. Who could resist when it’s as cute as …

Election Day Crafts

Election Day Crafts

Create future voters with these Election Day Crafts! Let the kids vote on what’s for dinner next week or what ice cream …

Patriotic Garden Words

Super Easy 4th of July Crafts

Decorate for the Fourth of July the quick and simple way with these cute crafts. I decorate patriotic for the whole summer …