Arts & Crafts Book Review – Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking

Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking

Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking: The most complete guide to scrapbooking ever

This could be a very short
review because I can sum it up in one sentence – if you buy only one
scrapbooking book in your lifetime, buy this book.

However, I suppose I must
explain myself. While many crafts books claim to be encyclopedias, few
are comprehensive enough to deserve the title. With more than 300 pages,
the "Enclycopedia of Scrapbooking" covers all of scrapbooking. Not just
definitions and pictures, most entries explain how to use the tool, idea
or embellishment. I’ve found several techniques that I can’t wait to try
on my pages. Since this book is by Creating Keepsakes magazine, every
other page or so contains great layouts using the techniques illustrated.

This comprehensive book starts
with the very basics, the history of scrapbooking. Then it illustrates
the many tools and materials you might need or want for scrapbooking.
The pictures of each item are large and helpful. For more basics, the
next section is Page Creation. They cover several essential techniques:
-cropping photos and mats
-using paper trimmers
-adhering photos
-handwriting titles
-using red-eye pens
-cutting templates and

ver been intimidated by the
selection of scrapbooking items and doodads in the craft store? The next
3 chapters are for you, and me, too. Beginning, Intermediate and
Advanced Embellishments covers every technique and material that I’ve
seen used in a layout, and more than a few that I have to try. Trust me,
it’s all there.

From brads, chalks, conchos,
eyelets, inks, mounts, mica, vellum, to watch crystals and everything in
between, the quantity of information is outstanding. Each item explains
how to use it, and shows you several layouts using the items.

his well-rounded book has a
gallery of other uses for our scrapbooking toys, additional resources,
and an appendix to cover technical stuff like archival quality,
technology and organization.

ike scrapbooking? Want to try
scrapbooking? Need a motivation to get started on those boxes of photos?
The "Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking" belongs on your bookshelf, though I
suspect mine will be out and read through again and again for good while.

Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking: The most complete guide to scrapbooking ever

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