Arts & Crafts Review – Creative Computer Crafts

The Michaels Book of Needlecrafts
Creative Computer Crafts: 50 Fun and Useful Projects You Can Make
with Any Inkjet Printer

By Marcelle Costanza

Computer Crafts have really grown up! When began 5+ years
ago, Computer Crafts was one of our original pages, but the book and
project pickings were always a bit slim. Well, we updated that page a
few weeks ago and it’s full to bursting. This book is another example of
how far computer crafting has come!

In the past, I’ve found that computer crafts books were hard to
recommend. They often were outdated or not very useful because they gave
directions for just one program and the projects were not so
interesting. Well, I’m happy to find a book that I can heartily
recommend. The 50 projects in this book will amaze you in their
creativity, and the instructions are general enough to use with any good
desktop publishing program.

Some of the projects do require special papers, and the appendix lists
sources. Besides, how else could you make scratch-off tickets, stemware
shrink charms, or decorative mirrors, to name a few? There are many
unusual cards and fabric printing projects. They have great directions
and lots of uses. Other projects are definite head-turners:

-Revolving Musical Carousel
-Baby Bib Birth Announcement
Glass Votive Holder
-Rainbow Easter Basket
-Transparent Pyramid
-Wedding Lights
-Matchbook Mints

There are three introductory sections to this book, covering interesting
topics. The author of this book is a pioneer in computer crafting and
explains her journey and the maturing of computer crafts in a very
readable beginning. Next, she discusses computer crafts supplies. The
explanations of different printers, scanners and software is detailed
but not too technical. I like how she gives a range of suggestions for
hardware – good, better, and best.

Once we’ve mastered a craft and invested in the tools and supplies, we
often wonder if we can sell our crafts. The third chapter gives a
thorough overview of where and how to sell your creative output. She
speaks with experience, and crafters will enjoy such good info on this

If you’ve got a hankering to turn out colorful and creative items from
your inkjet printer, there isn’t a better book out there. I’ll have alot
of fun with this one!

Creative Computer Crafts: 50 Fun and Useful Projects You Can Make with Any
Inkjet Printer

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