Arts & Crafts Review – Michael’s Book of Needlecrafts

The Michaels Book of Needlecrafts

The Michaels Book of Needlecrafts
– Knitting,
Crochet & Embroidery

Well, this is a big book! More than 300 pages of knitting, crochet
and embroidery. Truly, it is three books in one.

Each section begins with a comprehensive set of instructions for
that craft. Large drawings show the stitches and other details.
The knitting section covered one of my pet peeves – what if I
can’t get the yarn they use in the pattern? An article gives tips
and ideas to make good substitutions. Each pattern has a color
photo and sometimes a few. The patterns have summary info at the
beginning – skill level, sizes, supplies and tools needed. I have
one quibble with the book – the table of contents is very short
and doesn’t provide a list of the patterns. The patterns are
listed in an appendix at the back.

The knitting patterns are varied. All the standards are included-
afghans, hats, mittens, scarves, shawls, socks, sweaters and
vests. Other patterns include a dog sweater and collar, Ipod
holder, purses, wire jewelry, and purses.

I think crochet has become a hot craft, and the authors seem to
agree. The crochet patterns are interesting and modern. Even
though the arm warmers done in a fuzzy yarn look like hairy arms.
And the Santa’s stocking is rainbow-striped and has individual
toes… I liked all the rest very much. The baby clothes look cute
and probably work up quickly. The patterns also include hats,
ponchos, purses, sweaters, tops, a backpack, pillow, shawl, and a
jacket to name a few. The beach cover-up was stylish, and the
crochet trim for a store-bought top was different.

The embroidery instructions are comprehensive. Many types of
stitches along with bead embroidery, ribbon embroidery and
hardanger are illustrated. Most of the projects are embellishments
for pre-made items. They range from elegant to quirky and fun.
Embroidered jeans and beaded tops are popular now and both are
covered here. Many types of items go under the needle – mittens,
napkins, pillows, purses, paper, sweaters, towels, and tote bags.
A few of the purses are handmade, with the patterns included. The
embroidered greeting card and scrapbook embellishments add
dimension to your papercrafts.

The Michaels Book of Needlecrafts – Knitting, Crochet & Embroidery
is a very solid and worthwhile book for your library. If you’re
already involved in one of the crafts, it’s a great way to learn
the others, while getting a good set of patterns.

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