Crafts Review – Freestyle Cordless Glue Gun

FreeStyle Cordless Glue Gun by Cold Heat

I had a great time testing out this cordless glue gun. It has
several handy features and works very well.

Cordless Glue Gun

I was skeptical about the cordless feature, as some in the past
have not worked as well as my corded version. Let me explain how
the cordless action works on this glue gun. It is very similar to
our cordless drill. The battery snaps into the bottom of the
handle. To charge, it fits into a small charger which can be kept
anywhere near an outlet. The charger flashes a green light while
charging and then a steady light once charged. The initial charge
took just a couple of hours. The instructions say the battery has
no "memory effect" – it can be put back on the charger even if
it’s not fully discharged.

With the battery, the glue gun weighs less than 12 ounces. It
feels very comfortable to hold and use. The glue gun has a trigger
so glue only comes out when you need it, and a work light at the
tip that illuminates exactly where you are working. The light can
be switched from high to low intensity.

There’s a clear window on top so you can easily see when to add
another glue stick. This gun takes mini-size low temperature or
all-purpose glue sticks. Cold Heat also sells glue sticks just for
this gun, that they say will maximize battery life.

Right by the opening for the glue sticks, there are two small
lights. One is a low battery indicator and the other is the
PowerSave indicator. If you do not move the glue gun for eight
minutes, it switches to this mode and stops heating the glue. As
soon as you move it, it heats up again.

The glue heating time was very quick. The gun is well-made and
easy to use. It does not drip when resting, which keeps your
workspace much cleaner. The FreeStyle Cordless Glue Gun is packed
with features and works great.

The FreeStyle Cordless Glue Gun is available from Cold Heat.


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