Amigurumi! Super Happy Crochet Cute Pattern Book

Amigurumi!: Super Happy Crochet Cute
I just picked up this cheeky
and cheery crochet book
, and it made me a smile a bunch. Not just
because the projects are so so cute and quirky — the patterns are
well-written, too. Plus, they use inexpensive, available-everywhere
worsted weight yarn. What’s not to love?

The patterns do range in complexity, they start out easiest with some
adorable edibles. The first project is a carrot. You may never have
known that you wanted to crochet a carrot, but I advise it. First, it’s
darn cute, and second, it will help you learn how to do amigurami, which
just means oddly cute crochet items usually done in a tight gauge and
crocheted in a round.

The carrot, strawberry, cheeseburger and even the fish skeleton, are
warm-ups for the cuddly animals. I’m very partial to the piglet. The big
eyes and colorful polka dots are just too charming. Of course, the fawn
will touch the heart of any Bambi-watching loyal American, it’s really
that nice.

The final and most difficult section is the humanioids. Choose from a
cat, a monkey, a rabbit, and a girl bear. They’ve got cute outfits that
are both a challenge to crochet and a joy to customize. The possibilites
are endless for creating your own unique twist.

the best book that I’ve seen in the cuteness craze that is Amigurami.

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