Creative Easter Eggs!

Creative Easter Egg DecoratingOur family loves dyeing Easter eggs. We have funny little things, like competing to make the ugliest one. I wanted to find something different this year. There are lots of ways to decorate Easter eggs that go beyond the vinegar and dye tablets. After browsing around, I decided that all the methods should be edible and fun for the whole family. Except for Magic Eggs, which are not for eating, but were just too fun to pass up.
I found the best ways to do Easter eggs a little different this year. Enjoy and find more great Easter fun on our Easter Crafts page.

Ombre Easter EggsFirst, we can use our Easter egg dye kits in a new way to make these lovely Ombre Easter Eggs. They would look great in egg cups on the table.

Natural Egg DyesIndulge in a little experimentation with this great chart of Natural Egg Dyes. Who knows what else in the kitchen might work?

Marbled Easter EggsI’ve seen Marbled Easter Eggs before, but… they were probably not edible. These are!

Tie-Dyed Easter EggsThere are a few different ways to make Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs, but this is the closest to tie-dyeing a shirt so it’s a winner.

Melted Crayon Easter EggsUse all 152 (!) colors when you make Melted Crayon Easter Eggs. They are so colorful!

Magic Eggs TutorialFinally, Magic Eggs are just silly foaming eggs that you can hide a small toy inside. Looks like fun.

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