Free Silhouette Party Glass Labels

Party Glass LabelsWhile having guests over, I think it’s nice to have a way to label the glasses to prevent mix-ups. Wine glass charms are lovely and fun to make, but they don’t work well for other types of glasses. So I made Party Glass Labels from vinyl on my Silhouette machine. You can download my Silhouette cutting file to make your own here. It will work with all Silhouette machines.

Since the Party Glass Labels are made from vinyl, they’re removable and repositionable. You might be able to reuse them if you’re careful. They will work on any type of drink, cup or can, including glass, plastic, and metal. Let the guests write their names on them with a marker or fill them out in advance for an elegant table setup. In the photo below, I made just three as a test but the free Silhouette file includes a full page of stars. Using the Silhouette software that comes with the machine, you can add or delete to make as many as you need.

Silhouettte Cutting


How to Make the Party Glass Labels

  1. Open the Party Label Stars cutting file in your Silhouette software.
  2. If you’d like to print just a few, delete any extra star shapes. To print a full letter-size sheet of labels, leave as-is and open the cutting screen.
  3. Select vinyl in the Cutting Screen settings and be sure you have the correct blade installed in your Silhouette.
  4. Load the vinyl into your Silhouette machine.
  5. Click the button in the cutting screen to send it to your Silhouette.
  6. Sit back and watch the Silhouette do its magic. It always amazes me and I always watch it.
  7. Remove the vinyl from the machine, using Unload Media on the Silhouette machine.
  8. If you’re going to let your guests write their names and apply the labels at the party, cut the sheet or each individual label out with a border. I like to use my decorative scissors. Put a permanent marker out for them to use.
  9. Another way to use them is to apply the labels to the glasses beforehand and have a marker with the drinks. It’s easy for guests to write on the label when it is already on the glass.

Silhouette Glass Labels

Silhouette was kind enough to send me the vinyl to create this project. See many more ideas on our 200+ Silhouette projects section

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