Lion Brand Yarn Outlet Field Trip

Last month, I drove up to the Lion Brand Yarn Outlet Store with my mom and my sister. We had a great time, and I wanted to share some photos from this unique shop.

First up is the entry-way which includes an approximately 6 foot tall Statue of Liberty in a lovely colorful wrap. Next, you’ll notice the knitted door cozy – so cute. Even the shopping cart rack gets the yarn treatment. There are plenty of cool displays which I’ll get to in a minute, but, really, we came here to shop. We were not disappointed. A long aisle down the store carried a nice assortment of Lion Brand yarns at very good prices. A bin at the end sells mismatched “mill ends” at even better prices. Handy internet-connected computersĀ helped us decide what to make with our new yarn and how much we just had to have!

Next is eye-candy. The store had some fabulous yarn art. Some abstract, some seasonal, and some just lovely. Seeing the “yarn-bombed” bicycle gave me an idea for my son’s outgrown one! Attached to the store is a classroom/lounge that wasn’t being used while we were there, so the photos are a bit dim, but it looks very inviting. It even has free wifi!


Let me know if you visit this fun yarn store. We always love going to a new one!

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