New Projects in Painting and Drawing

Drawing and Painting
is all-new! Here’s some of the free projects added:

How to Make a Pen and Ink
Drawing from Stills
Draw and Color with Uncle Fred
Face Proportions
Face Shapes
Drawing with Watercolor Pencils
Sketchbooks from the Archive
of American Art
Drawing a Barn – Renaissance Perspective
Pencil Challenge Lessons
Draw Online
Blind Contour Drawing
Cartoonster Animation Tutorial
How to Draw a Cartoon Character
Action Figure Flipbook
Colored Pencil Portrait
Drawing Paper Types
Contour Drawing
Drawing Portraits in Charcoal
Colored Pencils on Black
Drawing Ships
How to Draw Star Wars
Learn to Draw NeoPets
Draw Egyptian Art
Drawing 101
Drawing Life Portraits
Draw Animated
Draw a Realistic Horse
Draw Sagwa and Friends
Escher’s Eye Pencil Exercise
How to Draw Hands
How to Draw Feet  
Beginning Decorative Painting
Watercolor Crayon Resist
Elegant Glass
Painted Flutes
Wooden Cocktails Tray
Faux Mosaic Frame
Wall Hanging
Cowboy House Number
Patriotic Flag Tray
Finishing Tips
Pansy Planter
Angelic Bunny Pin
Gingerbread Boy Lamp pdf
Watercolor Sunflower
Bunny Pin
Brush Strokes
One Stroke Rose Tutorial
Folk Art Sheep Chair
Stroke Wedding Scrapbook Page
Everything’s Coming Up Roses Tray
Checkerboard Bowl
Flower Garden Serving Set
Painting Carpet
Block Snowman
Violet Bouquet Goblet & Plate
Watercolor Gerber
Daisies Pillow
Wooden Christmas Ornaments
Elegant Painted Box with
How To Glass Paint
How To Watercolor
BBQ Apron
Master T-Shirt
Clay Pot Pokes
Basic Brush Strokes Tutorial
Shamrock Candy Dish
Ho Ho Ho Holiday Shelf
Hopscotch Mat
Painting Cutlery
Faux Moorcroft Pottery
Painting Carpet
Crossing Toy Chest
Yard & Garden Stakes
Pumpkin Votive Holder
Painting Videos
One Stroke Eggs
Patriotic Birdhouse
One Stroke Holly
Days Box
Pumpkin Pinata
Halloween Candy Box
Haunted Birdhouses
Cat Doorstop
Bushel Buddy
Painted Wood Pumpkin
1870 Milk Paint Formula
Daisy Penholder
FolkArt Paint Colors Charts
Painted Bibs
Chalkboard Paint
Painted Dunking for Apples
Corner Hanger Santa
Wooden Letter Bookends
Harvest Stool
Waving Santa
Wooden Snowman
Painted Turkey Jar
Gingerbread Birdhouse
Leprechaun Wreath
Painted Easter Egg Express
"Snowflakes for Sale"
One Stroke Baby Box
Americana Painted Bench
Painted Name Sign
Duckie Container
Patriotic Christmas Ornaments
Retro Patio Set
Simple Seed Apron
Red, White and Blue Birdhouse
Americana Step
Faux Metal Fireplace Screen
Paint Your Mailbox
China Painting
Decorative Leaf Pins
Painted Poppy Cupboard
Painted Placemats and Box
Painted Cowboy Boots
Painted Springtime
BasketLilac Wedding Set
Cherries Kitchen Set
Flower Vase Favors &
Place Cards
Iridescent Swirl Vase
Big Daisy Garden Sign
Beach Welcome Sign
Spring Bunny Hangers
The Stockings were Hung…
Tin Pumpkin
Frayed Flag on a Brick
Varnishing Guide
Kitchen Herb Pots
Barnyard Birdhouse
Fish Mobile
Chubby Snowman Stool
Candy Corn
Butterfly Tiles
Painted Dog Dish & Placemat
Painted Child’s Chair
Stenciled Baby Shirts & Bibs
Aged Blue Shelves
Painted Margarita Glass
Fall Leaves Crate
Christmas Cookie Jar
Stenciled Xmas Centerpiece
Stenciled Canisters
Chalkboard Mug
Painted Floral Lampshade
Vegetable Lazy Susan
One Stroke Baby Announcement
Red Hat Bowl
Christmas Gourds

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