Painted Clouds Go With Everything

While searching the Internet for painting ideas, I came across this
cloud-painting kit. I was blown away by the completed project photos. I
found this info on their website-

Painted Clouds Go With Everything

Whether your baby has hand me downs from an older sibling or a brand new
everything, clouds go with everything. If you have a little boy and
sailboats are your theme, include some sailboat-shaped clouds floating
over a puffy white cumulonimbus on its way to dream land.

Painted clouds create a feeling of whimsy and make a lofty addition to any
room. You can build clouds on an accent wall, above a chair rail, on the
ceiling or all over the room. The look is timeless and fits every childs
The Cloudwash kit by Watercolor Walls has everything you need to complete
your dream room. All you need is a white wall and some inspiration.
Come See
Pictures of our Cloud Painted rooms.

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