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Patchwork Puzzle Balls
by Jinny Beyer

Oh – these are too cute! First, there were fabric
boxes and bowls – which I love! Now, try your hand at fabric balls.

Let me admit my bias – I like cute, clever projects. Jinny Beyer has done
the math and laid it all out in clear steps. Plus, you can use up all
those fabric scraps that you just can’t throw away!

There are more
than a dozen projects in this book and they are a good variety on this one
theme. Since this book is by Jinny Beyer, the color schemes are inspiring
and some of the projects make good use of border prints.

What will
you do with fabric balls? Use them in home decor, for the children in your
life, as cute baby gifts and more. The designs start simple and get
sophisticated. The temari style balls would make a lovely gift, too.

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