Pixifun Photo Key Ring Maker Set

Looking for a memorable gift or party favor? Try this fun computer
crafts set. Everything is included to make 6 high quality key rings from
your images or photos. They’re reasonably priced, and pretty easy to

Here’s what the set includes:

  • 6 clear plastic key ring blanks
  • 18 printable sticker inserts
  • 2 printer test sheets
  • 1 alignment test sheet
  • Software on CD
  • Instruction manual

I was surprised at how nice my finished key rings looked. They looked
store-bought, except they had pictures of my family in them. The photo
area is a clear glossy plastic square, and the attached key ring is
silver. They seem sturdy and well-made.

This craft kit is very straight-forward and includes step by step
instructions. First, you install the software from the CD. This went
smoothly for me. The computer requirements are modest and should work on
older computers – Windows 95 or higher and 64 MB RAM.

The software is easy to use, for photo software. First, you pick the
paper size. The included sticker inserts are on paper size A5, which can
print six key rings at once. The paper can be cut in half to make size
A6, but I didn’t try that.

The software opens to a screen showing 6 blank spots, that can fit 2
photos each. Then you use the import feature to bring in your photos.
There are many options to adjust your photos. You can add text and
shapes to the images. The software includes 200 backgrounds and clipart
images to further enhance your creations.

As with most computer crafts, you must take some time to work out how to
do each of these things. The instruction manual covers each option, but
you can try them all out to see how they work. There is a multiple-undo
feature, so you can remove any changes that you’ve made.

If you are already comfortable using image software like Adobe Photoshop
Elements, I would use that first. Size your photos to 40mm x 40 mm to
fill the square with some overlap that will be trimmed off when you
print. That worked great for me.

After you’re happy with your photos on-screen, you can print a test
page. The kit contains 2 printer test sheets. The software automatically
sets your printer to the correct paper size. I put the small A5 test
sheet in my printer paper tray and printed on their test sheet. The kit
comes with a clear overlay to help you verify the alignment. If the
boxes on the overlay match the photos underneath, then your printer
should print correctly on the sticker inserts.

Everything looked great, so I put in the sticker paper and printed away.
Now, the easy part – I peeled the sticker off the sheet and folded it in
half. This created a flat double-sided mini-photo that fit inside the
key ring. I clicked the cover into place, and, wow, it looked great!

Just like printing address labels, you do not have to print out all 6
sticker inserts at once. The software lets you pick which spots on the
stickers to print. For my first try, I made just one key ring. For the
next five key rings, I skipped the first box that I’d already printed. I
put photos in the remaining five spots and it printed fine.

Like most computer crafts, getting the image just how and where you want
it is the only tricky part. The rest was simple and fun. Personalized
photo key rings would make memorable holiday gifts, party or wedding
favors, and great promotions for your arts and crafts business.

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