Print Your Patterns – Print Friendly

Print Your Patterns - Print Friendly
Printing a great pattern can be frustrating with extra images and text and lots of wasted pages and printer ink. I’ve found a solution that requires just a wee bit of technical know-how. Once you’ve set up Print Friendly in your browser, it’s as simple as clicking a button on the bookmarks toolbar when you are on the page you want to print.
First to set it up, go to They have instructions for different browsers but if you’re on a computer, I recommend using the Other tab. It shows you how to setup a bookmarklet and doesn’t require you to install an extension. If you’re on a phone or tablet, follow the instructions for Android or iPad/iPhone.

Now on the good stuff! Go to any page that you want to print a nice clean copy. Once there, click the Print Friendly bookmarklet you made. A window will pop up, showing you the page to be printed. See anything you don’t want? Just click on it in that window and it will disappear. Once you’ve got just the pattern and a picture, then click to print or save it as a PDF file.
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