Simply Sensational Scrapbook Cards Review

Simply Sensational Scrapbook Cards
Sensational Scrapbook Cards

Enjoy creating special keepsake greeting cards for all types of
occasions? Learn to use family photos, from current to vintage, and your
paper-crafting tools in Simply Sensational Scrapbook Cards.

The card projects are for those of us who like to play with papers,
punches, ribbons, glues and embellishments. They celebrate the recipient
in such a thoughtful way that they’re sure to be treasured.

If you are a beginner, the first sections are a great introduction to
cardmaking, and if you are an experienced scrapbooker or cardmaker,
you’ll probably pick up a technique or two. The card projects are also
full of neat techniques and designs. Unlike some cardmaking books, the
author discusses her design decisions. She doesn’t assume that you will
blindly follow her design, and instead encourages you to use your own

There are 10 various card projects included and a few envelopes and a
presentation box. The cards range from simple folds to elaborate
multi-panel cards and miniature albums. The instructions are
step-by-step with lots of photos and extra tips.

For many of the designs, the author shows how it can be adapted to other
occasions. An extra section at the end shows ideas to adapt the card
projects to scrapbook pages.

There’s a lot of ideas and techniques packed into 10+ card-making
projects, and any cardmaker will enjoy this book.

Sensational Scrapbook Cards

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