CraftBuddy Craft Angels

Dozens of crafters at,
a social networking site for crafters, have teamed up to donate hand
crafted items to Heavenly Angels In Need, or HAIN. This organization was
created to help families of premature babies who are in need. Preemie
outfits, whether crocheted, knitted or sewn, are a popular item to
donate. The
Craft Angels page
has more information. The Craft Angels
Coordinators mention that donations of materials are also welcome and
are available to crafters who want to help. is a social networking site for crafters launched last
year. There are lots of ways for crafters to connect on this site. Start
your own blog, chat with other crafters, list your craft show, post your
finished craft project pictures, and more. CraftBuddy has a friendly
forum for all types of crafts and other fun topics.

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