Craft Angels Update

Here’s an update from on Craft Angels —

Everyone at is growing more excited by the second about
our first HAIN donation, which is coincidentally, today! There are
numerous amounts of cap/sweater/blanket/bootie sets, and also memory
boxes, that were sent out; the result of several crafters’ labor of
love, crafted from the generous supply contributions of others. The
generosity that is coming from this group of crafters is truly amazing
and we can’t show our appreciation enough for those who made and donated
the items, as well as those who provided supplies for the items to be
made. We are always searching for more crafty folks to make items,
donate yarn, or if you prefer just feel free to Browse the site and see
what your fellow crafters are up to. If you are interested, please stop
– the CraftBuddy Craft Angels Link is on the home page. Thank you!

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