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I happened upon this weddings
website today, and thought it was worth a mention to those of you planning
your wedding. I had a great time planning my wedding and I still love
finding new links for the
Wedding Crafts
page. Plus,
my invitation
is available on the website if you’re planning on making
your own.

Your wedding flowers create the mood for you ceremony and reception.
There are several articles about flowers, and even flower alternatives
I think that most couples opt for fresh flowers, though silk
flowers are great if you’re doing your own flowers. Flowers can be very
symbolic and meaningful to the bride and groom. I chose tulips for my
wedding. My wedding was in early spring and I’ve always loved tulips.
They’re not the most practical choice because they’re fragile and do not
preserve well, but I loved the look. I carried the them over into our
wedding thank-you cards and my wedding scrapbooking, too.

Another opportunity for the bride and groom to show their unique style
is in choosing their wedding vows. However, writing your own vows from
scratch can be daunting, so I recommend consulting lots of different
sources until you find ideas and wordings that resonate with both of
you. There are some good ideas and ways to avoid pratfalls in this
group of articles

I enjoyed designing the decorations for my reception. Since my overall
theme was early spring, I wanted to add that feeling of pastel colors
and early spring flowers to my decorating theme. If you have a theme for
your wedding, I think it’s easier to make all the millions of decisions
that seem to come up while planning your wedding. Of course, with any
theme, your decorations can go in many directions, depending on your
taste and budget. Decorations are a great area to do it yourself or with
family help and save a little on your budget. I visited my reception
site a few times to get ideas and take measurements. There are other
tips and tricks listed on the
Wedding Strategies website
, too.

If you’re planning your wedding, have fun! It will go by quickly and be
remembered forever.

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