Mittens, Mittens, Mittens!

Happy winter! It is very cold here, so naturally my thoughts turned to
mittens… and hot cocoa. Let’s talk about mittens first – here’s a
great group of all things mitten-ish!
By the way, homemade
is really easy and delicious!

Have a wool sweater that is too worn or outgrown to wear again? Turn it
into Mittens,
Cut and Sewn from Shrunken Sweaters
. It is an easy project to
machine or hand sew. Added to Sewing
and Recycled

Walk in the snow with your sweetie and keep warm holding hands with the Lovers’
Added to Knitting

These Crochet
are designed for a women’s size small, though you can modify
them. They’re crocheted in parts and then crocheted together. Great way
to use up leftover yarn. Added to Crochet

Ultra-practical, though a bit challenging, Broad
Street Mittens
, turn into “hobo” gloves when you need to get keys
out of your purse, put on chapstick, etc, etc. Added to Knitting

Protect your fingers from hot drinks and keep them extra warm, too when
you knit a Coffee
Added to Knitting

Rather stay inside and get some crafts done? Me, too! Cross-stitch these Gingerbread
Man Mittens
for a sweet gift. I think this chart would also work up
nicely in plastic canvas for a Christmas tree ornament or package
decoration. Added to Needlecrafts

While you’re keeping the homefires burning, enjoy this cute
of Martha Stewart making Monster Mittens with a chatty
first-grader who steals the show.
Close the video to view the
directions and pattern. Added
to Sewing Projects

If your kids always lose their mittens, perhaps they’ll hang on to them
if you turn them into puppets with these animal and people puppet knitted
. Added to Knitting

Most little girls will love these Bunny
Hat and Paw Mittens
. Too precious! Also great for a cold weather
Halloween costume. Added to Sewing
and Halloween Projects

The inevitable lost mitten can be turned into cute
puppets using felt and fabric glue
. Added to Kids
and Recycled

Finally, when it’s just too cold to go outside, keep them busy with mitten-themed
. Added to Kids

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