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Crochet Lolita Doll Pattern

Depending on how you feel about dolls and crochet, you will love this kooky, colorful doll or  not so much… Making this …

Teddy Boos Halloween Decorating Pattern

Scare up some easy Halloween decorating with these scrap-friendly Teddy Boos! Simple construction, maximum cuteness! Added to Doll-Making and Halloween Crafts

GI MacJoe Doll Kilt Pattern

Wow.  There’s nothing like a muscular doll in a kilt. Great tutorial and more photos of dolls in kilts, too. Added to …

Santa Doll

Use packaged trims to stitch a shelf-sitting Santa Doll in no time flat! Added to Christmas Crafts and Doll-Making

Dolly Mixture Rag Doll

Make a wardrobe of dresses for cute Dolly Mixture Rag Doll. Good fun for a young girl! Added to Doll-Making and Sewing

Cloth Doll Watercolor Wings Tutorial

Create beautiful positionable wings for your next cloth doll project using watercolors, interfacing, wire and glue. Very detailed directions in this free …

Resizable Rag Doll Pattern

Make lots of rag dolls in different styles using this basic Resizable Rag Doll Pattern. Added to Sewing and Doll-Making Patterns