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Doll-Making, Page 4

Penguin Doll

Adorable penguin to sew for a penguin-lover! They also have a cute idea to use a disappearing ink pen to write and …

Making Yarn Doll Wigs

Step-by-step instructions to add yarn hair to a cloth doll, especially great for Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. Added to Doll-Making.

Christmas Elf Dolls

Detailed directions to make cute mini dolls to use in Christmas decorating. They’d be fun in a Christmas wreath or hiding in …

American Girl Period Quilts

Great quilting site. The quilts are sized to American Dolls and the blocks correspond to the period of each doll. Very nice! …

How to Draw a Doll Face

Great article on how to design a doll’s face. Geared to cloth dolls, but the principles are good for all designs.