Crafty Tech Tip – Silhouette Cutting Machine Freebies

Silhouette Cameo
Precision Cutting

Craft cutting machines have been popular for several years and we have a few choices. I own a Silhouette machine because I’m frugal. For me, it is much like having a sewing machine – I can get alot more done and I had to learn how to use it, but now I love it. I use it to make cards, envelopes, holiday decorations, vinyl lettering, gift boxes and bags, stencils, labels, banners, cupcake wraps and toppers, mini albums, toys, school projects, and all kinds of fun things.
Yes, there is an upfront cost for the machine, but after that, costs are minimal. Designs for the machine are purchased individually, usually for $1 or less and freebies abound.  Once you own a design, you can use it again and again, change the size, and make other modification in the free software that comes with your machine.
Here’s a quick list of resources for your Silhouette:

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