14 Easy Necklace Tutorials

14 Easy Necklace Tutorials

Here’s a fun gathering of Easy DIY Necklace and Pendant Tutorials. These 14 tutorials and many more are featured on our Jewelry-Making Projects.  Choose your favorites to make – traditional, modern, sentimental, or trendy – Enjoy!

Tiffany Inspired Lock Necklace TutorialTiffany Inspired Lock Necklace

Very chic and you won’t believe it’s made of a diary lock and puffy paint! Plus, the obligatory bling. Hop on over to see the simple Tiffany Lock Inspired Necklace Tutorial


Geometric Necklace TutorialDainty Geometric Necklace Tutorial

Love the design of this trendy Geometric Necklace Tutorial – it has the clasp in the front as part of the design. It uses just basic jewelry-making supplies. Looks quick and easy to make. I can’t wait to try it.


Dragon Scale Necklace TutorialDragon Tail Necklace Tutorial

Break out the sewing machine and some vinyl scraps to create this Dragon Scale Necklace Tutorial It’s so dramatic – make it to match a dress with an equally dramatic neckline.


Monogram Necklace Pendant TutorialMonogram Necklace Tutorial

Cover scrapbook paper and letters with resin to get superb results in this Monogram Necklace Tutorial. A small photo or sticker would be darling, too. You can take this look uptown or downtown with just a few changes.

Faceted Clay Beads Necklace TutorialFaceted Clay Necklace Tutorial

This modern Faceted Clay Necklace Tutorial lets you play with clay in creative imperfection. It’s very forgiving so you can experiment with different shapes and angles.


Doily Necklace TutorialVintage Doily Necklace Tutorial

Now I know what to do with some of the vintage doilies in my stash. This Vintage Doily Necklace Tutorial is a perfect marriage of sentiment and modernity. And that makes me realize it would be wonderful for a wedding day.

Geometric Triangle Necklace TutorialGolden Geometric Necklace Tutorial

Maybe I like buntings too much but that’s what I thought of when I saw this Golden Geometric Necklace Tutorial. I bet it looks more elegant and cool when you wear it. Just don’t make it in primary colors! Or I’ll be breaking out the party hats.

Quilted Necklace Pendant TutorialQuilted Pendant Tutorial

Sometimes it’s hard to discard those last scraps of a special fabric, isn’t it? Well dig into your scraps to make this Quilted Pendant Tutorial. Show off your quilting and embroidery — you never know what other crafters you’ll meet around town.

Stuffed Beads Necklace TutorialWhimsical Fabric Necklace Tutorial

I always wear fun jewelry in the summertime. It just seems to suit those care-free days. I’ll have to try making this Whimsical Fabric Necklace Tutorial. Another stash-buster, and easily adapted to a bracelet or anklet which are great in summer, too.

Shell Necklace TutorialShell Pendant Tutorial

Speaking of summer days, remember those walks on the beach with this Shell Pendant Tutorial. I love the simplicity and the Art Gel gives it a nice finished look. With a bigger base, I’d love to add some beach glass and more shells. Feeling inspired!

Chalkboard Necklace Pendant TutorialChalkboard Necklace Tutorial

Will the wonders of chalkboard paint never cease? This Chalkboard Necklace Tutorial is just so cute. Better add this to the list for Teachers’ Gifts. So clever.


Love Necklace TutorialThread Wrapped Love Necklace Tutorial

Love, love, love this Thread Wrapped Love Necklace Tutorial! Such a great look and so not hard to make. Older kids could make this necklace. With a little practice, you can make any name or word.


Family Tree Pendant TutorialFamily Tree Pendant Tutorial

Moms and Grandmoms will love this Family Tree Pendant. Gather beads in the birthstone colors for your family, wire, headpins and some jewelry-making tools, and you can make a few gifts in a short time.


Terrarium Necklace TutorialTerrarium Necklace Tutorial

Everyone knows how much I like cute little things so I was smitten by this Terrarium Necklace Tutorial. While not the most practical of jewelry, I still think it’s a lot of fun.

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