Crochet, Knit and Floss Headphone and Earbud Covers

DIY HeadphoneCoversI’ve seen these patterns floating around earlier but I didn’t pay much attention until I needed a set for myself. All of these different ways of covering headphones are pretty simple and easy. Even better, they solve some of life’s annoying problems. Isn’t crafting great?

Crochet Headphone Covers

Fluffy Headphone Covers CrochetEveryone will know whose Fluffy Crochet Headphone Covers these are!



Easy Crochet Ear Bud CoversSuper-easy crochet stitch – what’s not to love about your new tangle-free headphones?

Knitting Headphone Cord Covers

Knitted Earphone CoversLove the colors on this easy knitting pattern for cord covers


Friendship Bracelet Weaving

yarn earbud coversUse pretty yarn and follow along with this photo tutorial.

embroiery floss wrapped headphonesUse a friendship bracelet knot and embroidery floss to make these earbud covers

 Crochet and Knit Headphone and Earbud Pad Replacements

Knitting Earbud CoversComfy knitted earbud covers – nice!


Crochet Headphone CoversCool crocheted embroidery floss for round headphones

Oval Headphone CoversWorsted weight yarn covers for oval headphones

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