Digital Scrapbooking Software – Mini Review


Digital Scrapbook Artist is my newest toy. I finally jumped into using it after ordering it last month and it’s kinda addictive… I bought it because it is on a fabulous sale at Amazon – just $10.49 after $10 rebate, which you do online. How could I not try it?
I’ve tried digital scrapbooking with different programs over that last few years and none of them made it so drop-dead simple to create beautiful pages. Unlike photo-editing programs, this program is made for scrapbooking so it has many awesome features just for creating layouts, cutouts, edges, effects, etc. Unlike other scrapbooking programs, it is easy to use and has many of the advanced features tucked away if you want  to use them.
The package I bought comes with a DVD packed with extra digi-kits with lots of backgrounds and embellishments. I already had dozens of free and bought digi-kits I had collected over the years. In just a few steps I added my kits and now all my stuff shows up when I open the program. I can browse through everything and pick and choose from different kits like I did in this page of my son with Santa —


I think I’ve used items from about three kits. When I imported the ornament as a frame, the program automatically cut out the center so I could slide my photo right in. The background was from the same kit. The penguin and Christmas tree are from a free kit from Digital Scrapbook Artist’s community site, where you can download a bunch of freebies to use in the program. The words and ribbon are from another kit I had. In this program, I worked with my layout and tried lots of different embellishments and resized and re-positioned everything until I was happy. I used the eraser tool to make the ornament “hang” on the ribbon. The drop shadow tool gave that extra oomph to everything. What fun!
Then I saved it as an image, and voila, it’s here, and I sent it to family and friends. Eventually, I’ll print it out on my wide-format printer. This page is a standard 12×12, but you can specify any size you want, even change it while working. Very easy.
I’ll post more specifics as I get time, but I just couldn’t help recommending Digital Scrapbook Artist so far, especially with this current deal. If you’ve ever wanted to try digital scrapbooking, go for it!

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